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McKenzie Stables Price Lists

Most people have heard that riding horses can be expensive and it’s true that it’s hard to find a place that is educational, safe and affordable for your horse. But the costs don’t have to be outrageous. We have broken down the costs into three areas: Boarding, Training and Showing.
McKenzie’s NEVER charges boarding fees for:
• blanketing
• turnout
• medicating
• leg wrapping
• mane pulling
• refrigeration
• bandages

Complete Boarding/Stabling Package

  • What does “complete” mean?
    • a safe stall with frequent “clean” checks
    • early daybreak checks
    • daily health evaluations
    • night checks
    • customized and personalized feeding
    • 24/7 boarding and riding access
    • personalized socialization/turnout schedule
    • tack storage
    • monthly charge for clipping, laundry and barn supplies is $25

All The Other Equestrian Related Services and Charges

Prices on the following items may vary, but only by a few dollars. For instance, the amount for hauling may depend on the distance; the groom payment may depend on the length of the horse show and naturally the horse show charges vary depending on the kind of show and the show management company.

Training and Lessons

  • Lessons (Laureen) $40
  • Lessons (Michelle) $35
  • Training Rides (Laureen) $45
  • Training Rides (Michelle) $35

Horse Showing Charges

  • Schooling and/or rides $40 per day
  • Groom expense (divided per horses attending show)
  • Various show charges (not related to McKenzie Stables)
  • Trailering (divided per horses attending show)

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